On the road for satefy for works performed at height and in confined spaces

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The number of occupational accidents and those losing their lives in such accidents is on the rise across the world despite the arrangements made to prevent the occupational accidents and the measures taken. According to the data of Eurostat, the EU’s official statistics office, and of the Turkish Social Security Institution (SSI), Turkey ranks in the first place among the countries with the highest number of people losing their lives in occupational accidents. The business lines where deaths occur the most are construction, agriculture, transportation, trade/office, municipality, and metal and mining fields. A significant causal rate such as 37% emerges when incidents of falling from height (17%) and crush & wreckage (20%) are added together.



Apart from the theoretical trainings to be provided in the project “On the Road for Safety”; simulated site trainings will also be provided with the help of Honeywell’s state-of-the-art occupational safety equipment. Safe Working At Height Training, Confined Space Training, Gas Detection Trainings, General Personal Protective Equipment Training, High-Angle Rescue Training and specific additional trainings have been planned. Trainings will be usually held in the form of sessions of 30 and 45 minutes.


Where is Demo Van?

We announced that we are “On the Road for Safety” and made a 5-year plan… In this respect, we will be sharing with you information on the places to be visited by Demo Van and the time schedule of such visits through this calendar. If you also want to benefit from the trainings offered by this important project, make sure that you create your request and share it with us!



Nestle – 10 Haziran 2022 – Bursa – Karacabey


Hilton Garden INN – 16 Haziran 2022 – İzmir – Bayraklı

Hilton Garden INN 16 Haziran 2022 İzmir Bayraklı
Nestle 10 Haziran 2022 Bursa Karacabey

* The days envisaged for the event are shared in the calendar. The dates might change. Moreover, apart from Demo Van trainings, our regular occupational safety trainings are ongoing in the Honeywell Academy located in İstanbul.


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