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The number of occupational accidents and those losing their lives in such accidents is on the rise across the world despite the arrangements made to prevent the occupational accidents and the measures taken. According to the data of Eurostat, the EU’s official statistics office, and of the Turkish Social Security Institution (SSI), Turkey ranks in the first place among the countries with the highest number of people losing their lives in occupational accidents. The business lines where deaths occur the most are construction, agriculture, transportation, trade/office, municipality, and metal and mining fields. A significant causal rate such as 37% emerges when incidents of falling from height (17%) and crush & wreckage (20%) are added together. Istanbul, Kocaeli, Manisa, Bursa, Antalya and Izmir were the provinces with the highest number of occupational accidents and deaths. (Year 2018)

Honeywell carries on its commercial activities as a leading company in the field of Occupational Safety equipment. As is the case across the world, a large number of technical specialists and workers prefer our products also in Turkey. Setting out from the principle of giving back the society what it receives from the society and putting human factor in the focus of its activities, the company feels responsible to the business world and employees of Turkey, which unfortunately ranks in the first place in terms of employee health issues and deaths, and believes that this issue can be solved through training and the measures taken.

Setting out from this belief, it has organized a Demo Van vehicle so as to provide occupational safety training with the technological investment it has made within the scope of the project “On the Road For Safety”, and assigned expert trainers for this purpose. Our KSS (Corporate Social Responsibility) project has a 5-year sustainable planning, and it is targeted to visit a multitude of areas such as factories, plants and construction sites and to provide awareness-raising training to around 45,000 people by the end of this process.

About Honeywell

Honeywell is a world-wide technology company which offers industry-based solutions, including aerospace products and services, control technologies for buildings and industry, and performance materials, and which is included in the Fortune 100 list. Our technologies help everything from aircrafts to buildings, from factories to supply chains and employees, become more connected in order to create a smarter, safer and more sustainable world. Please visit www.honeywell.com for more news and information about Honeywell.

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